Online Scuba Classes

Technical Diving: Introduction to DIRComplete the classroom portion of several PADI courses at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. Whether you like it or not, the internet is here to stay and with that the “virtual life” most of us live these days. In today’s world one can practically do everything from the comfort of her home without ever leaving that comfortable couch. Why fight traffic and crowds, when one can do grocery shopping for the family (and have it delivered to the doorstep), book her next adventure to Tibet (, talk to three of her best friends at the same time in three different time zones (skype) for free, pay bills, deposit her paycheck (chase) and pick a movie to watch instantly (netflix).

  • One can get a travel agent license, complete language courses with eLearning, so why not take a scuba class online? Because scuba requires being in the water, many people say. Of course it does, everybody knows that. The online scuba programs are not replacing the actual diving, just enhancing it by allowing students to move at their own pace. Study in the morning, at night, at work, in the park, fast or slow… the options are up to the user.

    Our instructors at Ocean Adventures promote online learning. All our instructors notice a huge positive difference in students’ performance improvement that is credited as a direct result of the increased pool time (due to the reduced classroom time). Presently Available Online PADI courses:

    PADI eLearning Learn to Dive Anytime Anywhere

    PADI eLearning Nitrox Course Anytime Anywhere

    PADI eLearning Advanced Diver Course Anytime Anywhere

    PADI eLearning Digital Photography Anytime Anywhere

  • PADI eLearning Rescue Online Course

  • PADI eLearning Divemaster Online Course

  • PADI eLearning Dive Theory Online Course

    PADI eLearning PADI Instructor Course Online

    For more information about our Online Training please call Ocean Adventures at 310-578-9391.  Our instructors will be happy to clarify any queries you have. Thank you for choosing Ocean Adventures!